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We make it easy for you!

The idea of professional Architectural Photography might seem intimidating

but we've created an easy process to make your projects come to life!


The Meeting

This is where we get introduced to your next project. Share details, information

and your "must have" image list. Let us know your deadlines and timeframes.

Interior? Exterior? Complete phase photo shoot? Day shoot? Night shoot?

No problem! We'll cover everything needed for the perfect photo session.


The Walkthrough

The walkthrough is a critical part of the process. It's where we begin to look at the project with a "camera eye". We look at lighting, light sources, orientation of the building, check for sprinkler systems, operation of exterior lighting, everything to ensure nothing gets overlooked.

It's always great if you or a representative from your company can come along to point out specific features of the projects. Don't have time? No worries! Simply provide the contact information for an onsite representative and we'll take it from there. We'll communicate all information from the walkthrough so you'll stay in the loop the entire process.


The Photo Shoot

Easily the best part of the process! With all of the pre-planning in place and everyone in the loop, the magic of photography is ready to happen. At this point, there is no need to take time out of your busy day to follow along, you'd probably end up being bored. It's from here that we go through our list of "must have" images and many more as the session goes on and capture the site the way it was meant to.


The Gallery

The photo shoot and editing of each image is complete and now it's time to store the photos and make them available to you. All completed images are stored in an online gallery and password protected. We'll send you instructions on how to view, access and download all of your images. Don't worry, there is no expiration date for your gallery and the original images can be accessed at any time from any device.

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